The Advantages Of Video Management Software

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Surveillance technologies have grown in leaps and bounds over the past decades, and video management software is now a lot more sophisticated yet easier to use and maintain. Video surveillance has a lot of advantages, especially when the footage is easy to access and monitor. Video management maximizes the potential of your security measures and makes sure that they are actually beneficial. It is therefore of utmost importance when it comes to making the best of your security systems.

Video Management Software


If you are in need of a sophisticated security system, it’s because there is something valuable you need to protect. Being preventive is therefore a lot more ideal than being reactive to a situation that has already negatively impacted you. Because video management makes monitoring footage more manageable, preventing the occurrence of security problems or dangerous situations is now easier. A video management system that ensures efficiency in monitoring helps security personnel nip problems in the bud. A speedy response is key, and a seemingly omnipresent security is a great deterrent.

A quick reaction time

In some cases, a disturbance cannot be entirely prevented. Even so, it does not have to compromise your safety or put you in danger. Qognify, a security software company, has excellent video management techniques such as VisionHub that can enable you to integrate your main security systems to your alarms and access points. With this capability, security personnel can contain a potentially dangerous situation or respond to problems such as detected intrusions or even fire. The company’s video management software also offers an excellent user experience and is easy for security and IT personnel to learn and manage.

Monitoring activity

Video management tools make it much easier to monitor the goings-on inside your building. The footage can be accessed through a browser on a computer, or even through tablets or smartphones. You can have eyes in many or all parts of your building, which means detection, prevention, and resolution of problems are literally at your fingertips. A good video management system can also make it simple for you to switch perspectives and to focus or zoom in on potentially problematic areas.

Keeping an eye on access points

Depending on your needs, you might need to have full control over who are able to gain access to your building or to certain parts of your building. Keeping watch on access points can also help resolve certain issues. Qognify in particular is a company that keeps these concerns in mind when it comes to video management. Their software can enable you to manage incidents more efficiently by making the footage easy to access and analyze.

A better use for resources

Safety and security are things that are worth spending on, but they do not have to make you break the bank. Video management comes at reasonable prices, depending on the scope of your security needs. Good video management software can enable you to save money in the long run, which means you can use that money for other things that can also greatly benefit your organization.


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