Steroids: An Unavoidable Death

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Dwayne Johnson also known as the rock is one of the biggest action movie star of America’s current generation and a WWE wrestler who has gained a cult following there has confessed to using steroids at age 18 to combat chronic depression. He however, has continued to deny the use of steroids during his awesome wrestling career that eventually bagged him a role in TV movie. However critics and body building experts believes that Johnson’s amazing body is a product of steroids. He has such a huge fan following that his fan actually wants to take steroids so that they can have a body like their idol, but scientists who have been researching on the effect of steroids have found that the use of steroids, particularly long term dependency, is devastating to the human body as a whole, contributing to severe illness and even death. Even after the denial by Dwayne himself, some people still believes that the rock is not natural but a product of steroids.

Steroids An Unavoidable Death

Many medical institutions like Mayo clinic have researched a lot on the consequences of steroid use. Their study has found side effects to even short term steroid use. The longer the term of a person’s use to develop strong muscles and tissues , the more likely he is to suffer side effects of wide reach and destruction. It can have many consequences like Mental and emotional confusion and aggressive behavior, Muscle tensions and difficulty managing required exercises, Digestive disorders, Cardio disorders and heart issues requiring treatment and control. Steroids are often prescribed to combat inflammatory diseases of the lungs and limb joints. The FDA recently issued warnings regarding consumption of products advertised as for body building and labeled to contain the drugs themselves. People who says that the rock is not natural and has gained popularity just because of steroids must know that steroid use is not easy and it can even lead to death, but the progress of the Rock’s body still questions how the steroids helped him this much. Steroids can cause liver damage and pancreatic dysfunction. Men and women often find using steroids cool but they should actually stop using steroids as it comes with serious consequences. In the process of quitting, Relatives and close friends can assist them by being responsive and also being cognizant that the depression can lead to suicide if untreated. There are medications and therapies to counter the suffering while rehabbing you. It is imperative that these avenues be part of the recovery process. Helpline centers are located across the USA and specialize particularly in addiction rehabilitation. Their website contains valuable information for the sufferer and family alike. Avail yourself of that information before you let another day of drug abuse threaten your life or that of a loved one. Steroid should be used with cautions as they may create a lot of problems otherwise. Some of its effects are dangerous also which can lead to death.


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