OnePlus3 – Sixth Sense of this Generation

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Mobile Phones or we can also say it as Sixth Sense of the world. As we know that Sixth Sense is supposed intuitive faculty is giving awareness not explicable regarding normal perception, and yes, that definition fits for the smartphone. A smartphone is a mobile phone that performs many of the functions of a comp, having a touchscreen interface, Internet access, and an OS capable of running downloaded apps.

Well, as you can see that these two definitions really compliments each other. The first Symbian phone,  touchscreen Ericsson R380 Smartphone, was released in 2000 and was the first device marketed as a “smartphone”.  It was complicated back then but not anymore that was history, now smartphones have evolved and have become easier and smarter, now they have a different type of sensors and a camera that can capture almost everything that you see, sometimes also the things that you can not see like now they have night vision cameras. These latest features surely have made your life easier and smarter. Now you can search any route to any place with a click and hit the world with the birds eye. Smartphones have become an essential part of our life now we can barely imagine our lives without them, We need them at every pint of our life, Its a part of your day, the moment we wake up to the moment we sleep, The alarm that wakes you up is a part of it.

OnePlus3 - Sixth Sense of this Generation

Many manufacturers like Samsung, Apple, Micromax, etc. has contributed to making tech better and easier for the generation. There is one such manufacturer known as OnePlus; I am pretty sure that you must have heard about it because of its hits in this industry. OnePlus has already launched some awesome phones to make your life comfortable.

Now it is hitting the market with its another upcoming hit, yes, it is another phone named “OnePlus 3”. I am pretty sure that after hearing about the latest tech that has been used in this handset you will not be able to stop yourselves from talking about OnePlus3 specs. OnePlus 3 specs are awesome; it is something new, loaded with latest features, Its perfect for hardcore gamers and also for housewives, You can do almost every desired work via it, from cooking recipes to some hardcore games, from maps to compass, from camera to gallery, from Whatsapp to text messages, final words, almost everything. Pay with it, earn with it, do almost everything you want to do with it.

Coming on to OnePlus 3 release date, It is expected to release on  14th June 2016, get ready to grab this phone, as soon as possible, prepare to lighter your wallet, not too much because it is cheap aswell and heavy your pocket with some latest tech and high specs.

According to the latest update, it is said that there is no invite system, but it may have that registration and sale process to buy this phone because of course this phone has high demand in the market right now.

OnePlus never disappoints it’s consumers in terms of price. OnePlus always tries their best to keep the price of the phone as low as possible and the OnePlus 3 Price is also very low. The price is estimated around $350.



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