How Technology Gave Birth To Smart Laundry

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With the emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT), companies are now figuring out ways to connect everyday devices to the Internet. Visionaries define “Internet of Things” as a network of physical objects accessed through the Internet. These include regular appliances like toasters, televisions, phones, microwaves, and many others that can sense and communicate with other devices over a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection, thereby increasing efficiency, safety, and security.

One of the drivers of the IoT is the human hunger for convenience and efficiency. The IoT traces its origin to  dorm rooms at MIT, which would serve as a breeding ground for collaborative efforts between students and the University. One remarkable result of the collaboration was a system that connected washers and dryers to the dormitory network. This allowed students to monitor their laundry even while away. The system worked simply by delivering text notifications after each wash was completed.

Technology Gave Birth To Smart Laundry

In the hospitality industry, hotels are struggling with the task of managing consumption of natural resources such as water and energy. By connecting commercial laundry systems to the Internet, the opportunity to reduce consumption is greater. Through this technology breakthrough, smart laundry washing machines are now widely offered for business use or personal use by leading distributors like Continental Girbau. These smart machines are equipped with smart metering technology that allows hotel to manage its energy and water consumption.

Through the Internet of Things, data to measure consumption are readily available making it easier for hoteliers to make decisions. These machines are equipped with automatic weighing feature that enables the machine to add the right amount of water appropriate per load, which reduces the amount of water and energy consumed. Smart laundry dryers are also capable of determining when the clothes are dry instead of just relying on the timer. This saves the customer a significant amount of energy consumption and also protects the clothes from shrinking.

On top of that, with a superior programmability feature, users are given the option to choose from several wash cycle options. These pre-programmed options are customized according to they type of load or fabric, which expedites the cycle time. Customers get to spend lesser time doing the laundry and business owners maximize the use of their machines – a win-win situation.

With a wide variety of smart laundry washing machines available at, businesses are now operating more efficiently while increasing profitability. The Internet of Things has indeed changed the technological landscape across all industries including the laundry industry. Now, all of these advancements are translating to savings and profits. As hotels and commercial industries take advantage of the Internet of Things, expect more innovations in the coming years. Businesses are now equipped with smart laundry solutions, which creates a more sustainable business model when it comes to laundry operations. At the end of the day, it is the customers who will benefit from these changes. Not only will laundry get easier, but customers get to spend more time doing more important tasks as well.


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