Entertainment As A Means Of Coming Together Of Family

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Home is the place where all members of the family come together to spend quality time with each other. Family breakfasts and dinners are one of the most important things that hold the family together. In the present day when people are always in a hurry to finish their breakfasts as they have to run to the office or school and when they do not get ample of time to have laborious and lavish dinner in the night as they come home very late after a day of work, this quality family time has reduced a lot. That is why family movies are such an important thing today and more and more families watch movies together and make up for the lost time. While it is good to watch the movies in the silver screen of cinema halls it is not always comfortable as they have strict timing which might not be feasible for all. Moreover not all family members will be comfortable to travel to the crowded locations of cinema halls. Finally one cannot go these halls on a daily basis. So people started watching movies at their homes in the home theatre itself.

Entertainment As A Means Of Coming Together Of Family

The Evolution Of Visual Medium And Display Technology

In the beginning there were cathode ray tubes televisions which had a large picture tube and consumed a lot of power. This was not only bad for the ecology by leaving a lot of carbon emissions and e-wastes but was also bad for the eyes of individuals. Moreover the screen size was a huge limitation as one cannot manufacture huge picture tubes which needed a lot of protection and is not easy to transport it. With the passage of time, there were liquid crystal displays which were thinner and consumed lesser electricity. However even in this the harm to our eyes were not reduced. Although these can be made to large sizes it was still heavier and bound to damages under sufficiently high temperatures. With the advancements in the field of semiconductors, Light Emitting Diodes were found to be fitter for the use as the performance and reproduction of colours by these diodes were far better than its predecessors but these were very costly as an ordinary forty inches display would cost more than five times that of a normal television. Further the cost increases exponentially with the increase in size leading to wastage of a lot of money.

The Newest And Energy Efficient Way Of Display Technology

LED Projectors like Legacy cinema Innovation SSI -71 are the newest in the display and video technology that can reproduce the image on a screen or even a flat surface. This has made it possible for people to have a screen size as per their wish and their needs and still pay a fraction of the amount that one would need to pay for the similar size monitors or televisions. Moreover these are also safe on the eyes of people as they are harmless. It has once again made the family entertainment as a truly enjoyable one.


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