Change Your Party Into Ultimate With This Bluetooth Speaker System

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While you are searching for professional blue tooth speaker system with exceptional features like increased sound quality and LED lights, you can remember about Karaoke Microphone. SP 113BT is a unique Bluetooth Speaker System for all settings even from a small room to large party.

Bluetooth With Exceptional Feature:

The above mentioned speaker includes modern generation Bluetooth which allows one to play music even from distance 30 Feet away without inclusion of any cables. One needs to ensure whether device runs without any batteries. It includes USB dock charger on control board which enables you to charge your device. It has switch on end panel. It includes multiple colored lights and they will turn on and color changes as well. It creates pulses in addition to music beat. You will experience multi color light which will be unique to each song.

Bluetooth Speaker System

USB MP3 Player:

Just by placing music files on USB ports, you can make USB or SD cards to create album or playlists. After this, you are just needed to insert USB or SD card in respective port. Speaker will automatically start to play songs. With the help of buttons and interactive user interfaces, one can just skip through songs.

Wireless Microphone:

You will also see an additional wireless microphone which will connect speaker automatically as you turn it.

Two Microphone and Guitar Inputs:

As it includes two audio jacks, one can just connect two additional audio sources and control sound of each of them in a separate way. It will allow you to sing or dance along with the music through any of inputs and can just control each audio source.

Audio Output:

Do you need to connect speaker system to make your party as ultimate?, include this speaker. An audio output jack can be used to connect speaker without any difficulties. Whether it may be one of the speakers or just make it to play primary role, it will deliver its best.

Steps To Connect Speakers:

Step 1: Just connect two speakers to the positions in way which you desire. Then, plug in your main speaker to wall and turn it on. If your secondary speaker has power cable, plug one and ensure volume is low.

Step 2: When you have finished set up speakers in desired position, you need to make a connection establishment and use audio cable to connect them together.

Step3: If your secondary speaker has RCA input jack, you need to purchase RCA cable of desired length.


This Bluetooth Speaker System was manufactured to be used in various settings. You can make its presence in bed room or living room. It will deliver its work at best level in aspect of entertainment. In party settings, SP 113BT is ensured to make party as something special one. One speaker will entertain party with more than 40 people and while two speakers are connected together, party may have people of upto 100. In addition to these, sound activated lights will give pleasurable experience with on and off feature.


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