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Nothing is hidden from internet. Be it study materials, case studies or pictures, you are sure to find them online. Earlier people were passionate about photography and they clicked pictures, but didn’t find  a platform to share it with others. Today, there are several online photography community wherein you can share your pictures, sell them or purchase them. Instagram Search offers some of the best photography community that caters to various niche. Here is some of the best online photography community:

Online Photography Community


There are several groups in Flickr where more than 3000 groups are created. No longer you have to worry about getting an access to the desired photograph.   Flickr gives you an access to different groups easily. If you think you have done justice with the picture and want others to have a look, all you need to is login to the flickr account and share it in respective group.

It is for professional photographers and for those who think there is a human touch in their photography. The members need to follow the strict guidelines and they have submission deadlines as well.  The team reviews every photograph that is submitted on the site and once it surpasses the guidelines, the picture is made public. They also have critique forum  where in people who are open to feedback can submit their photographs. The photographers can definitely improve after  taking the feedback seriously.


A social networking site that has millions of users. It is a photographer friendly networking site. All you need to do is click the pictures, create an account and upload the picture. There are several groups on Google plus which can be joined. You will soon meet fellow photographers and this platform is a great way to network. If you need an exclusive picture you can always post the comment and get the responses. Likewise, you can also opt for instagram search to have a look at some of the best images.

Light Stalking:

If you want an online photography community wherein your photography skills will not be judged, you must try Light Stalking. There are professional photographers as well as amateur ones in the forum who can take part in the group activities. People are helpful as well as thoughtful in the forum such that they guide people who aspire to become great photographers some day. There are several pictures in this forum that can be technically set as an example for. If you have technical knowledge, you can also check the pictures out and leave your valuable feedback.

Hope this article has been informative to you. There are several online photography portals where one can pay a visit and get the best out of it. Sharing is always caring and if you have special talent, let the world know about it. You can also learn from these online forums. Do share your feedback with us and let us know the best online photography community as per you.

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