A Guide To Keeping Your Electricals Safe This Christmas

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Now that Halloween and Bonfire Night have been and gone, the focus for many of us is Christmas – a magical time of the year and one that  shouldn’t be spoilt by poorly maintained electricals!

There are many ways that PNP Electrical Services can help you to keep your electricals safe, not only over the Christmas period but all year round.

With so much going on in the run-up to Christmas, , it can be easy to find yourself distracted but that’s where Electrical Contractors Liverpool come in.

Electrical Contractors Liverpool, like PNP Electricals, can provide you with the peace of mind that your electricals are safe to use.

Here are PNP Electrical’s top  tips for keeping your electricals safe:

Electricals Safe This Christmas

  1. Choose the right lighting

Festive lights are a big part of Christmas but this isn’t to say that they are completely safe. If you plan on putting up lights outside, Electricians Liverpool recommended that you choose ‘outdoor safe’ lights as these will help prevent electric shocks and fire hazards.

Electricians Liverpool

  1. Make sure that lights aren’t left on

Before leaving the house, always make sure that you turn off your Christmas lights. If there’s nobody at home to enjoy them, what’s the point in leaving them lit? Switching lights off and unplugging them at the wall prevents the risk of fire damage.

1 in every 12 people admits to leaving their Christmas lights turned on overnight and in doing so they run the risk of overheating sockets and house fires. Lights are often wrapped around the branches of Christmas trees and covered in tinsel which are both highly flammable materials.

  1. Avoid leaving hair straighteners or curlers turned on

Whether you’re leaving the house in a rush to hit the festive sales or  a Christmas party , remember to unplug your electrical styling appliances and keep them on a heatproof mat until they are cool enough to put away.

Did you know that 650,000 house fires are caused each year in the UK as a result of hair styling appliances being left on?

  1. Don’t forget about the Christmas dinner…

This is  something that many of us are guilty of doing when we’re busy enjoying  the festivities. Electricians Liverpool don’t advise leaving food to cook unattended – it is a recipe for disaster.

  1. Be mindful of what you’re buying

We all know just how expensive Christmas can be, so when we spot a bargain, it can be very tempting. The downfall with this is that sometimes gifts that are cheaper  are more likely to be counterfeit or unsafe to use. Try and avoid products that aren’t compliant with UK Safety Standards.

  1. Leave electricals to the experts

PNP Electricals provide domestic electrical services to  customers in and around Greater Manchester, covering Manchester, Liverpool, Wigan, Bolton and Lancaster. Could you benefit from hiring one of their Electricians Bolton or Lancaster?

Hiring an electrician from PNP

Whether you’re looking for Electricians Bolton or Electricians  Lancaster, PNP Electricals can help you to protect your property against fire damage and other hazards.

Hiring an electrician from PNP

Electricians Lancaster have the ability to repair electrical equipment that is faulty and  to make sure that audio systems are performing efficiently – allowing you to spread Christmas cheer.

Any Electrical Contractors Manchester will be able to provide you with advice or support when fitting electricals. They  have a wealth of experience and will ensure that they are installed safely. Electricians Manchester undertake all kinds of projects, ranging from new builds to simple upgrades, so you can rest assured that you’re in capable hands.

Hiring Electricians Wigan will allow you to enjoy Christmas, with the peace of mind that your appliances are in order and safe to use. It’s the responsibility of Electricians Wigan to test and inspect appliances according to industry standards and, if any faults are identified, they will inform you of these and offer a solution for repairing them.

At Christmas, you’re likely to need extra plug sockets for fairy lights, fibre optics and other devices and this can put a strain on the socket and become a fire hazard. Electrical Contractors Wigan  will make sure that sockets aren’t overloaded and that your electrics are safe this festive season.

For more information about keeping electricals safe at Christmas, or any time of the year, call PNP Electricals on 01942 609511 today.


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