Galaxy Note Edge 2 Vs Galaxy Note Edge: Comparison

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The people are getting more and more excited to see the future invention in Samsung Galaxy Edge 2 because, the previous model of galaxy edge has remarkable features about its design and model. Therefore, the people also expect more surprising features from the new generation Galaxy Note Edge 2. The developer will make the Galaxy Edge 2 with more advanced features and specification since the Samsung Company may release a new gadget every year with exciting features.

Galaxy Note Edge 2 Vs Galaxy Note Edge: Comparison

Release Date Of Galaxy Note Edge 2

The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge was launched in September month of 2014. This has got a massive place throughout the world. Likewise, the Samsung customer hopes for a similar achievement in Galaxy Note Edge 2. The future version Galaxy Note Edge 2 will be releasing in the forthcoming year of 2015 and this is not confirmed from the Samsung developer, but this is just the rumors spread by the Samsung customers. The people hope this new generation will spread all over the world market. When talking about the Galaxy Note Edge 2, this is the second upcoming device at Galaxy Note Edge. The Galaxy Note Edge 2 is expected with a great beginning in this contemporary world of Smartphone. In the previous year, the people have been seeing some curved shape display from LG and Samsung. But this future version comes with modifying display.  At present the Galaxy Note Edge 2 is expected to be a great revolution in the globe, surely this new gadget will satisfy the customer expectations. The Samsung has intended to give many astonishing features in this new version. The previous model of Samsung Galaxy Note Edge was offered creative technology and innovative features. When compared to other previous models of Samsung Galaxy the Galaxy Note Edge has fulfilled the entire requirements of customers likewise, the people will expect the same performance on the Galaxy Note Edge 2.

Specifications And Features

The Galaxy Note Edge has 2.7 GHz core processor and the Galaxy Note Edge 2 may have 3.0GHz core processor along with the 16 bit Exynos. The Storage space on the Galaxy Note Edge is 3 Giga Bytes and it would have more ability to expand up to 32 Giga Bytes memory space through the MicroSD card. The Galaxy Note Edge 2 can have 4 Giga Bytes RAM storage space. The Galaxy Note Edge has Android 4.4 operating system likewise; the Galaxy Note Edge 2 will expect to have the same android operating system in the advanced version. The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2 may be releasing with very less weight when compared to galaxy Note Edge. The Galaxy Note Edge delivers 1440×2560 megapixels rate and has multiple varieties of colors like 16M. The rumors about the Galaxy Note Edge 2 is that it will have a 4k screen display resolution along with 2 points on left and right and hence this will also have two unique areas to store your receive notification. The Galaxy Note Edge has a rear camera with 16 Pixel and the front camera has 3.7-pixel rates. The future invention will be a 27 Megapixel front camera sensor and it can be functioned with Retina scanner and Touch ID. Other than that, there is a several astonishing features expectation in Galaxy Note Edge 2 which you will view during the time of releasing.

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